4 Reasons Why Termite Inspection Is Critical

Why Having A Termite Inspection Done Is So Important

A majority of termite inspections take place when individuals are getting ready to sell their property, and a termite inspection is a requirement for that process. However, termite inspections really should be performed on a regular basis by pest control north Brisbane experts. Termites can invade any time but not be noticed until after they have done extensive damage.

There can be millions of termites in one place. One termite queen is capable of laying 20,000-30,000 eggs each day. They eat whatever wood they find, whether it is trees, a rotting log or your house. Their nests might be located in a tree stump, in a tree or underground. Be careful with tree stumps located on your property that haven’t been dug up. This is one of the main causes for termite problems.

Inspecting Your Home For PestsA majority of termite nests are located underground, either under or near your house. Sometimes you can see mud tunnels that lead from the ground where the foundation is, then up the foundation wall into your house. If you notice something like this, call an exterminator immediately. Most likely termites are visiting you.

Once termites get into a building, wood isn’t the only thing they consume. They will eat cloth, carpet and paper as well. Termites are quite fragile. In order for these creatures to survive they need to maintain contact with moisture. In the beginning they might be coming into you home for the moisture as much as they are for the wood.

Termite damage can be quite extensive. Just in the U.S. southwest, there is approximately $1.5 billion in damages done each year.

After termite have invaded a building, destroying the colony is the first remedy. The reason is because the queen is there along with most of the termites. The queen lays the eggs and can live for as many as 50 years. Therefore, she alone is responsible for many termites.

The exterminator sets out bait for the worker termites to find and bring to the colony as well as the queen in order to destroy a colony. When the queen takes the poison and dies, that is basically the end of the colony. There could be secondary queens as well. However they will also die because they too will eat the poisonous bait.

A competent termite control contractor can inspect a building or home and know if any termite damage has been sustained and to what extent. Then he will issue a report that details his findings.

If there are termites present on the property, steps will need to be taken in order to eradicate the termites from the premises. The best thing to do is to catch the termites early on in their invasion process and get rid of them prior to them doing extensive damage.

Once a colony has been eliminated, you can place a liquid barrier around your house so that termite colonies in the future won’t come visiting your house so you will need  a building and pest inspection specialist in Brisbane. If you happen to live near woods or in an area known for termites, it is very important to keep an eye out on your foundation. You night also want to have inspections done on a regular basis. This is especially important if you have had infestations in the past.

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